Athletes & Teams

Are you are an athlete, coach, sport scientist, athletic director or another member of an athlete's development team? Sportably has the tools you need to manage an individual athlete, a single team or an organization with multiple teams.

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Sportably makes it easy to plan and log your training and practice sessions from any device. Track every session, set, rep, sprint and more with our easy to use tools. Need to share your training sessions with a coach? We have you covered there as well.

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Athlete monitoring is key to achieving long term competitive success. From the single competitive marathoner to the coach of a football team, Sportably supplies the tools to monitor athletic development, general health, detect signs of overtraining and much more.

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Latest Posts

Sportably is now responsive
by Jeremy Gentles, Sept. 20, 2016
We have pushed out a major update to Sportably today. First and foremost, Sportably has been rebuilt from the ground up and transitioned to a mobile-friendly design. With this rebuild, Sportably is now "responsive" and will now scale to the screen size you are using...
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Protein synthesis – 40g vs 20g of whey
by Jeremy Gentles, Aug. 25, 2016
The current thought is that post-training protein synthesis is maxed out with 20-25 grams of whey. However, much of the literature addressing protein requirements post resistance training have used protocols that include multiple sets of only...
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The State of Strength and Conditioning
by Jeremy Gentles, June 7, 2016
Great article from some colleagues regarding the state of strength and conditioning in collegiate sport. It is a must read for those that work in collegiate sport, who are either strength and conditioning coaches, or generally interested in athlete...
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